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Oct 26
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As a PC convert, I was an avid Picasa user. Picasa is Google’s own photo management tool that does a great job organizing and managing files, and it also has a lot of editing options built into it. Picasa’s ability to handle and manage a large amount of images while maintaining its speed is unparalled, and I can only imaging that it would be even more impressive on the Apple OS X operating system. I have 10’s of thousands of images in my Picasa library on my PC and Picasa works without a hitch. It’s never even crashed on me… It works like software should.

When will Picasa be available for the Mac?

Apparently a Google employee let the cat out of the bag that Picasa for the Mac will be available in late 2008. This news was originally made public back in January, and now in late October, there is still no new information regarding Picasa on the Mac. I’d just like to throw my name out there and let Google know that if they need any alpha or beta testers for Picasa for Mac, I’m whole-heartedly available.

Update: Picasa3

Now that Picasa 3 has been released for Windows users, maybe the Picasa team will be able to allocate some time to releasing a version of Picasa for the Mac. Let’s just hope that it will be soon… hopefully before Christmas. In fact, that’s all I want for Christmas. Google, Picasa, please grant me this one Christmas wish. At least a beta version of Picasa for Mac. Please….

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One Response to “Picasa for Mac – When will Picasa become available for the Mac?”

  1. 1. v3rona Says:

    Exactly in the same position :) I really hope google will finally stop playing games with Picasa. The biggest mistake developers of Picasa made was selling them selfs to Google. What a shame. The program could be so much more. :(

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