Dec 16

I’ll admit, it took me quite some time before I saw the usefulness of Twitter. I’ve had an account for quite awhile, however, I never really used it. Now I’m starting to see more and more uses for it, and since I spend a lot of time away from my computer, I decided that I was going to need an app on my iPhone that would let me manage all of my Twitter accounts with ease. After trying and testing just about every Twitter app out there for the iPhone, I’ve narrowed my list to 3. Keep in mind that I’m only reviewing applicatoins that allow for the management of multiple accounts. There are many great Twitter apps out there that allow for the management of only one account, but I need an app that will manage multiple accounts. I’ll share my personal favorite at the end.

TweetDeckThis app is great primarily due to the fact that it provides a familiar interface to that of its Mac/PC application counterpart. It is packed full of features, many of which I am probably still unaware of. TweetDeck has been the favorite desktop application of many big bloggers and other online personalities, so it figures that the iPhone app would be one of the top Twitter apps for iPhone. Some of the features that I like are:

  • The ability to update multiple accounts with the same tweet
  • URL shortening built in
  • Ability to post pictures and location
  • Sideways keyboard
  • Custom pages
  • Sync with TweetDeck account

Features and things that I don’t like about TweetDeck:

  • You need to setup the “columns” that you want to display for each account, I’d like it to setup main columns automatically and give you the opportunity to add/remove from those defaults.
  • Over-complicated. There seems to be too much going on. The interface is very busy.

EchofonBelieve it or not ,the way that I found EchoFon was by following Chad OchoCinco (@OGOchoCinco). He has some crazy tweets, and doesn’t seem to care that he sounds like an idiot in half of them. Anyways, EchoFon has two versions, free and pro. Free lets you use one account, Pro lets you use multiple accounts. The features that I like about EchoFon are:

  • Clean, easy, familiar layout – Apple should be proud
  • Concise navigation, gives you what you need and no more – doesn’t overcomplicate
  • Direct messages display as Apples text message style with the to/from bubbles – not necessary, but a cool feature

Things that I don’t like about EchoFon:

  • The $4.99 price tag for the pro versoin
  • Nothing else really, this is a very well done app

HootSuiteThis is another great multi-account managing app. Like EchoFon, it will cost you, however, this one is regularly $2.99, currently on sale at the time of this writing for $1.99. In addition to managing multiple Twitter accounts, HootSuite will also allow you to manage Facebook accounts and Fan Pages, LinkedIn accounts and accounts (online – ability to manage non-Twitter accounts hasn’t been added to the HootSuite iPhone app yet). HootSuite is really a one-stop-shop for all things social. Here are the key features that I like about HootSuite:

  • Multi-account management
  • Multi-platform management (Online only)
  • Integration with account
  • Schedulte Tweets – great feature, especially for when you’re going out of town or on vacation
  • Organization of Accounts, and tabs/pages – HootSuite starts each account with default pages: Home Feed, Direct Messages, Mentions, Pending Tweets, Sent Tweets. You can then modify these lists by adding to them or removing from them.

Things that I don’t like about HootSuite:

  • I can’t find a good version of the HootSuite iPhone app logo online.
  • Nothing yet.

All in all, the 3 apps that I reviewed all have their benefits. At the end of the day, I think it all comes down to personal preference, but my favorite Twitter app for the iPhone is HootSuite, with EchoFon coming in a close second. If you have another app that you like better than any of the 3 that I mentioned here, I’d love to hear it!

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Jun 26
  • As a dog lover, I found this interesting – A Majority of Canine Injuries Occur on the Weekend – Here's the Reason Why: #

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Jun 19
  • Lovin' the iPhone 3.0 update, just wish they allowed the Nike+ application to work onthe 3G and not just on the 3GS. #

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Jun 12

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Jun 04

I’ve finally decided that it’s about time to start using the Time Machine system that is built into Mac OS X. I’ve heard¬† a lot of great things about it, but haven’t really had the time or desire to play with it up until this point. When I began looking into the options for setting up Time Machine, I realized that the supported options were fairly slim. I could:

  1. Purchase a Time Capsule from the Mac store that would cost me in excess of $400
  2. Purchase an external hard drive that could be plugged into my MacBook Pro

Though both of these options would work, and would be ready to go “out-of-the-box”, neither of these situation was going to accomplish what I was looking to do.¬† Which brings me to my third option: Setup a dedicated drive on my Windows PC that could be used as a Mac Time Capsule through my Mac OS X software. This is basically going to be the best option for me because there will be no out of pocket expense; I already have a PC that has an extra 250GB drive installed. The trouble is going to bee getting Mac OS X and the Time Machine software to recognize the drive on my Windows PC as a supported network drive.

I had a friend of mine ask me, “Why would you even want to do that [Use Apple's Time Machine] anyway?”. And the answer is really simple… Just in case. Just in case what? Just in case anything ever happens to my MacBook, to my data, to my music, to my documents, to my applications, etc.

The Time Machine software creates an entire backup of your system the first time it runs, then ongoing, it creates incremental backups every hour, and every week. The beauty of incremental backups is that they don’t take up nearly as much space as full backups do, yet you get the same security and piece of mind.

Let’s say for instance that I start my backup and I have my wedding album in my iPhoto library. 2 months go by and everything is fine and good, but then I somehow accidentally delete my wedding album from my iPhoto library on July 30, 2009. All Time Machine backups going forward will not contain a link to my wedding album, however if I go to any Time Machine backup prior to July 30, 2009 I’ll be able to retrieve a complete copy of my iPhoto wedding album. Pretty cool right?

Well stay posted as I start my journey to create a Windows PC that acts as a Time Capsule to be used with the Time Machine software on my MacBook Pro.

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Mar 17

iPhone OS 3.0Well folks, the day is finally here… The guys over at Apple decided that it was about time that they added Copy and Paste functionality for the iPhone. After months, if not years, of people requesting the functionality, Apple has finally decided to integrate it into there newest version of the iPhone software. Such as in the request list on the blog.

If you ask me, it couldn’t have come at a better time. Apples stock has been down over the last few months (along with the rest of the stock market) and the release of this new 3.0 iPhone firmware will come at just the right time to give Apple stock a well needed boost.

Here are just a couple of the new features that will be added to the iPhone with the release of the OS 3.0 software:

  • Search your iPhone
  • Cut, copy, and paste
  • Send photos, contacts, audio files, and location via MMS*
  • Read and compose email and text messages in landscape

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Nov 02

Apple has just released an update to iPhoto, version 7.1.5 which according to the Apple website, “…improves the printing quality of books, cards and calendars ordered via the iPhoto printing service.” A similar update for Aperture was released about a week prior to the iPhoto 7.1.5 update.

To learn more about iPhoto and/or the iPhoto 7.1.5 update, visit the Apple information page here.

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Oct 30

Now that Starbucks has finally begun to offer WiFi access to iPhone customers, it was only a matter of time before those iPhone customers started to look for a way to make the iPhone access work on laptop computers, such as the MacBook or MacBook Pro (this should also work for PC’s). With a little tweaking and configuration, you’ll be able to “trick” the Starbucks wifi network into thinking that your laptop is actually an iPhone.

Here’s what you’ll need to do:

  1. Select attwifi from the available networks list.
  2. Open your web browser, it should redirect you to an AT&T page.
  3. Enter your 10 digit mobile phone number.
  4. You will receive a text message from AT&T (the text is free) with a secure link to the AT&T wifi hotspot.
  5. Type this link into the web browser on your laptop and you’re good to go.
  6. Enjoy your free wifi.

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Oct 26

As a PC convert, I was an avid Picasa user. Picasa is Google’s own photo management tool that does a great job organizing and managing files, and it also has a lot of editing options built into it. Picasa’s ability to handle and manage a large amount of images while maintaining its speed is unparalled, and I can only imaging that it would be even more impressive on the Apple OS X operating system. I have 10’s of thousands of images in my Picasa library on my PC and Picasa works without a hitch. It’s never even crashed on me… It works like software should.

When will Picasa be available for the Mac?

Apparently a Google employee let the cat out of the bag that Picasa for the Mac will be available in late 2008. This news was originally made public back in January, and now in late October, there is still no new information regarding Picasa on the Mac. I’d just like to throw my name out there and let Google know that if they need any alpha or beta testers for Picasa for Mac, I’m whole-heartedly available.

Update: Picasa3

Now that Picasa 3 has been released for Windows users, maybe the Picasa team will be able to allocate some time to releasing a version of Picasa for the Mac. Let’s just hope that it will be soon… hopefully before Christmas. In fact, that’s all I want for Christmas. Google, Picasa, please grant me this one Christmas wish. At least a beta version of Picasa for Mac. Please….

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Oct 25

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